Peter Roach - Former Vice President for Durex Network:

Dr Triece Turnbull has to be one of the most enthusiastic and knowledgeable professionals in the field of sexual health education that I have worked with. Triece and I have collaborated over the past six years on a number of initiatives to promote sexual and relationship education which she manages to communicate in a clear and concise way without embarrassment; whether she’s talking to young people, parents or adults alike. Her passion for the subject makes for engaging conversation! Triece is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to working with her for very many years to come.

Jane Berry – Mother of two

The e-books that I bought have been very useful especially when talking to my oldest daughter about different things to do with puberty and sex. The free e-book was also great but now I need to buy the puberty and boys e-book because the questions have started!

Lynda Russell – Mother of two and Grandmother to one

The e-books written by Dr Triece Turnbull are brilliant. It is nice that there is a professional who can talk openly about sex and relationships - This lady knows her stuff!!!

Paul van Schaik - Professor of Psychology

Triece Turnbull is a health psychologist and major national expert on sex and relationship education. Her work with private, public and third sector contributes to improving sexual health across the UK.

Dr Katherine Swainston Senior Lecturer/Health Psychologist

I have known Dr Triece Turnbull for several years, having worked together in Higher Education teaching research methods and health psychology on Undergraduate and Postgraduate psychology programmes. She has an outstanding knowledge of sexual health matters and extensive experience in the field of sex and relationship education, which has now led to her running her own company and offering sexual health knowledge online at www.safecoolsex.com. I can attest to Dr Turnbull's skills in research and teaching/training and believe her to be a highly competent Health Psychology Consultant. Her enthusiasm and commitment to health psychology and SRE make it a pleasure to work with her.

Kate Greenwell - Chartered Psychologist

I have known Triece in her professional capacity as a sexual health specialist, lecturer and speaker for over two years. Triece has exceptional knowledge and skills in these areas as well being an excellent health psychologist. I currently work with Triece as she is the Chair for the Division of Health Psychology, Publicity and Liaisons sub-committee. I have also worked with Triece at Northumbria University whereby she has given guest lectures. Triece is an inspiring, energetic and professional individual who is an excellent Sexual Health Consultant. She has worked with clients, sexual health organisations and the media to engage with schools, parents, teachers and health care professionals to promote positive sexual health for young people. Triece also has a very supportive nature and I thank her for all her wisdom and encouragement that she has contributed towards my own health psychology career. Her website is excellent and I wish her all the success for the future, doing something that she excels in and is very passionate about.

Simon Richardson - Partner at Golden Tree

I worked with Dr Triece on the National PSHE CPD programme for teachers. Her knowledge around Sex and Relationship Education is excellent as is her commitment to provide excellent outcome focused interventions. We worked together providing training and support to a number of teachers on SRE and Drug Education. It was a pleasure to work with Dr Triece on this programme.

Professor Anna van Wersch, Teesside University:

I have known Dr Triece Turnbull for 15 years; in first instance as an undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD student. After that, as a colleague and dear friend working together on dissemination activities such as oral presentations at conferences, and, publishing in scientific and applied journals regarding issues related to sex education. We have also collaboratively worked on the delivery of lectures, seminars, workshops and the marking of exam scripts and essays of various students’ and health professionals’ cohorts. Dr Turnbull is a very knowledgeable lady on many fields of sex education such as policy, academia and consultancy. Her heart is with the young people who often find themselves unintentionally and unknowingly in difficult situations. To be the voice and advocate of these vulnerable groups typifies Dr Turnbull’s mission. She is one of the most helpful and kindest persons I know – never shying away when somebody is in need, and very often serving others before herself.