Parents And Sex Education At Home

Parents And Sex Education At Home
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Are you a mum?

Are you a dad?

Is your child starting primary school and about to receive sex education?

Is your child asking difficult questions about sex and relationships and you don’t know the best ways to advise them?

Are you a parent and not sure how to talk about sex with your child?

Is your child rebelling as they go through puberty and you as a parent feels helpless because they won’t listen to you?

Hundreds of parents e-mail me asking for advice about their situation when talking to their children about sex and relationships education. Parents find sex and relationships one of the most difficult subjects to discuss with their children as they are frightened that:

  • If they give too much information to their children then this encourages them to have sex
  • If they don’t tell their children about sex and relationships that this leaves them vulnerable to abuse.
  • If they don’t tell them they worry that their children will turn to pornography or their friends to learn about the information they want to know.
  • They don’t have the correct and up-to-date knowledge to teach their own children about sex and relationships.

Don’t fear Dr Triece Turnbull is a Chartered Psychologist and Sexual Health Consultant who is happy to help and guide parents on the best ways to talk to their children about all aspects of sex and relationships education. I have worked with families for years and given them the help that they need, so if you are a parent that needs help and advice when talking to your child about sex and relationships education, fear no more. E-mail me at ‘’ and tell me your problems. I do not share, sell or tell people of the confidential e-mails that I receive, so if you are a parent and you need help don’t hesitate to contact me – You are not alone and help is here. Perfect parenting is a tough job!

For all those parents who are new to knowing about Dr Triece Turnbull’s website and services take a look at some of my publications and recent blogs as these will possibly have some of the answers you are looking for. I welcome all parents to join the Parent-Zone family and together we will soon be giving out children the sex and relationship education they need and deserve to keep themselves safe and make informed choices over their behaviour and personal relationships.

If you would like a FREE e-book on ‘The ten things your kids want to know, but daren’t ask’ ~ please register now. Join us at and also receive top tips on how to talk to your children about all aspects of sex and relationship education. You will also be eligible to get involved in competitions so you can receive other FREE stuff that is going to help you raise your child – Parenting doesn’t have to be a hard task, especially if you have the right people supporting you. Call on Dr Triece Turnbull and take your worries away!

Don’t forget to claim your FREE e-book and check out the ‘Perfect Parenting and Puberty Changes in Your Son: Boys Will Be Boys’, ‘Perfect Parenting and Puberty Changes in Your Daughters: Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ and 'A to Z of Sex: Correct and Slang Terminology That Is Being Used By Kids, which so many parents have already learnt so much from.

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Dr Triece is Founder and MD of A website that is devoted to improving sex and relationship education and the sexual health of young people by working with parents, schools, health care professionals and different organisations.