Parents & Sex Education:A Step in the Right Direction

Parents & Sex Education:A Step in the Right Direction
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It is no surprise that parents are in support of good sex education for their children. This has been demonstrated in a recent report by the National Association of Headteachers who found from a 1000 parents 88% wanted ‘sex education and lessons on adult and peer relationships to be mandatory in schools’ and that 83% want issues concerning pornography to be included in the sex education that is provided (NAHT, 2013). However, parents also want to be involved in the sex education that is provided to their children.

In recent blog posts I have addressed what more needs to be done to support parents in the sex education they give to their children. The 3 part series looked at ‘Parents, Puberty and Sex Education in Schools: Part 1 – Where do we Start’; ‘Parents, Puberty and Sex Education in Schools: Part 2 - How do we move forward’ and ‘Parents, Puberty and Sex Education in Schools: Part 3 – Last in the Series’. Although Part 3 focused on providing parents with good, honest tips on how to talk to their children about sexual matters a communication model based on my research was given to help parents, schools and sexual health professionals. Further developments have included supporting Lucy Emmerson – the Co-ordinator of The Sex Education Forum in producing ‘Let’s work together, a practical guide for schools to involve parents and carers in sex and relationship education’. Lots of help and support is now available to support schools and parents in giving every child the sex education they need and deserve. However, the government need to be doing more by ensuring a comprehensive programme of SRE is in place from primary school, which is then built upon each year as children develop so we can support and meet their needs.

Although great work is being done by myself and others in relation to sex education and supporting schools and parents I firmly support Jane Lees – the Chair of The Sex Education Forum who says “the current situation is clearly a disgrace and something has to change. Guaranteeing that every pupil in every school receives good quality SRE is a duty that government can and must fulfil”. Let’s hope for change in the near future, but in the meantime we need to continue supporting parents so they can feel more involved with the sex education they provide to their own children. Please feel free to use the ‘Book Shop’ now and in the future for great resources that parents have said they want and need when talking to their children about sexual matters. Are you a parent who needs to talk to their son or daughter about all aspects of puberty? Fear no more – the answers are in the e-books so download your FREE sample copy today. Also don’t forget to download your FREE e-book on the ’10 Things Your Kids Want To Ask, But Daren’t Ask’ – a good read that allows parents to be prepared for many of the questions that their children are wanting the answers to as they reach adolescence.

If after reading this article you would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact us at Parents have asked for an open forum, which is now being developed so register now and get involved.

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