Exculsively for Parents



For over a decade I have been stating the importance of parents in their role of teaching and becoming more involved in the sex and relationship education (SRE) that is given to their children. This has occurred through research, publications and conferences whereby I have advocated that parents are their child’s first, if not most prevailing and influential educators. Parents know their children the most, so it is important to listen to what parents want and how they want to go about teaching their children. From here it is then absolutely vital that parents are given the help, information and support to teach their children and talk openly with them about all aspects of SRE.

The top and bottom of it is that children want their parents to talk to them about topics associated with SRE. Admittedly children will learn about things associated with sex from school, friends and the media, but it is not always the correct information and sometimes timetabled SRE lessons are not enough for children and young people to fully learn what they need to. Therefore, they are crying out for their parents to talk and advise them on various aspects associated with SRE and sexual health.

Although some parents find it difficult to talk to their children through being embarrassed of feeling they do not have the knowledge to talk openly about SRE topics, Dr Triece Turnbull’s Parent-Zone will give parents all the help they need. You can contact Dr Triece Turnbull directly or why not become a member whereby you will get extra support and have exclusive rights to:

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Dr Triece Turnbull has also developed e-books that might be a starting point for parents when getting their questions answered, but the main message I would like to get across is that parents are not alone when teaching their children about SRE topics and sexual health. Parents don’t get the support and input they need from schools, but this is where help is on hand to let you know what is being taught to your child and how you can help them by giving them the information they need. To start with why not register and get your FREE e-book ’10 Things Kids Want To Know, But Daren’t Ask’. It is best to start somewhere and this gives you a heads up on the types of things your child wants to know about.