Essential SRE


Sex and relationship education (SRE) relies on acquiring information to learn and form attitudes and beliefs about the emotional, social and physical changes of growing up, relationships, sex, human sexuality and sexual health.

SRE and Your Child

It is important that children and young people develop the skills so they can make informed choices about their behaviour, and feel confident to be able to act on these choices. This will in turn help them to protect themselves against abuse, exploitation, unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. Ensuring young people’s rights to information not only means they can make the right decisions that affect them, but ensures they can develop and enjoy their future relationships based on the choices they make...

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SRE In Primary Schools

By law head teachers and governing bodies are required by law to include age appropriate sex and relationship education (SRE) to its pupils. The SRE in primary schools needs to start with the very basics and then build upon this each year so children can grow up and be safe as they develop new relationships and experience different aspects of life. It is important that primary schools are supported and include parents in the SRE they deliver by including the following content.

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SRE In Secondary Schools

By the time that young people start secondary school much of the preliminary sex and relationship (SRE) should have been provided. However, secondary schools have the task of reinforcing what has already been taught and provide the SRE to prepare young people on the transition to adulthood. It is important that they include information on sexual activity, human reproduction, contraception, pregnancy, sexually transmitted infections and information...

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SRE and Parents

Parents are having a bigger role in educating their children that ever before. Why? It is simple; they know their own children the best! So when it comes to educating their child about topics that are taught in SRE within schools, it is no different. For example, most parents will have already talked to their children about body parts long before it was talked about at school. This is what parents do – they want the best for their children and you...

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