triece-about-usDr Triece Turnbull specialises in working with businesses to deliver great initiatives and services in relation to sex and relationship education (SRE) and sexual health. Having worked with several large organisations such as Durex and Consilient Healthcare to develop and deliver bespoke projects that deliver fantastic outcomes, Dr Triece Turnbull has the experience and knowledge to make a difference to your company. Whether you need in-depth research, creating and managing effective SRE and sexual health campaigns and workshops or need specialist project consulting we are here to help. From start to finish Dr Triece Turnbull will create content and manage projects to the highest standard.

As a Chartered Psychologist with a specialism in Health Dr Triece Turnbull is well established and able to help your business succeed. Whether you are a large or small organisation Dr Triece targets parents/carers, schools and businesses to deliver your message effectively through schools, health professionals, social networks, local authorities, professionals (including corporate, government and local authorities), family information services, children’s centres and parent forums.

Dr Triece has worked in all aspects of delivering effective SRE and sexual health and will have the answers to making your business succeed so if you are needing help to make your business grow then don’t hesitate to contact Dr Triece Turnbull who will develop, design and deliver the bespoke project that you need.